F r a n k  R a y  H u f f  J r.                       Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic Artist


"Like the great Utah artists before him... Huff is moved by 'Life on the highways and byways.'   A generation from now these works will be important statements of their milieu as the works of LeConte Stewart, Bill Owens and Edward Hopper are of their time and context...Frank Huff's art captures light effects, subtle moods, and essence of place, but it is also keenly composed and organized.   There is a sense and intelligence that permeates every piece...The first premise of his work is creating something true to his inner sensibility.   His work is totally free from superficiality, picturesque gimmickry, and concessions to the art market."
Robert O. Davis - Curator of Art - Museum of Church History and Art

Frank Huff Jr., is in my opinion, one of the premier artists of the state...he's wonderfully modern up close and fills the needs of the traditionalists, at forty feet every detail appears to be present. Vern G. Swanson - Springville Museum of Art

Copyright - Frank Ray Huff - 2008